2017 Reading Challenge…Accepted

Last year I realised that I don’t read new material enough. Like most of my good ideas, the decision to do a reading challenge was an impulsive one. I found a challenge that wasn’t too heavy, yet stretched my limited genre-knowledge just enough. This challenge was doable.

I drafted one of my friends to do the challenge with me. I think I promised fun, excitement and intrigue (sorry, Amy!). I’m still not sure if she’s found those things.

Anyway, we decided that we would read some of the genres separately and we would choose a few to read together. The challenge allows you to select your own book within that grouping. So we set off, willy-nilly and naive, unaware as to what waited ahead. Actually, what waited ahead was reading. So…yeah.


Image source: Popsugar Photography

I know the challenge says 2016, but I decided last year and didn’t feel like picking new books for the 2017 one. I will be blogging about all the books I read (why else did you come here?)

Here we go…


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