Destination Grand Canyon

So, we went online to book our day trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon. We found a relatively cheap bus tour that included a muffin and coffee for breakfast and 2 stops for pictures once in the park itself. Seems good enough for our budget.

The night before we are set to leave, I receive a phone call from the company saying that two people dropped out of their VIP tour and they were wondering would we like to be bumped up? Uhm…YES! Our driver would fetch us outside our hotel in the morning.

We waited outside our hotel at 6am the next morning and up pulls a very nice minivan. Our driver was the nicest guy. We fetched two more people and then we were off. Instead of a stuffy bus, we had the whole backseat of the mini to ourselves. Our driver bought us a nice breakfast (which was provided with the VIP tour), he offered up so many interesting facts as we drove along towards the Canyon. We stopped at Hoover Dam. I didn’t know a whole lot about it before the trip, but our driver was so knowledgable. IMG_0366.JPG

Our next stop was Route 66. Is it weird that I had the “Route 66” song on replay in my head? Our Route 66 stop was in this tiny little town. Evidently it was one of the towns that the movie CARS was based on. It was also a very Confederate little town…so that was interesting. IMG_0386.JPG

My first glimpse of the Grand Canyon was incredible. It was overwhelming and amazing and beautiful and breathtaking all at once. I have no actual explanation of it. My pictures don’t even come close to the real thing. Seeing it in person felt so unreal. It was hard to believe that the view went on for miles and miles past what we were seeing. IMG_0408.JPGIMG_5191.jpgIMG_5245.jpgIMG_5223.jpg

Our driver was awesome. He told us all about the flora and fauna. He made multiple stops. He took us on a mini hike on one of the trails. It was one of the best trips of my life and I enjoyed it more than Las Vegas which is the whole reason we were on that side of the country anyway. I could show you all my pictures, show you videos, sit with a thesaurus and try to explain how it felt standing there, but you will never understand until you go for yourself. If you live in America, there is no excuse. Go soon. It’s waiting. IMG_5278.jpg


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