Destination Disneyworld – Part 1: Epcot

I know. Don’t judge me. I’m a sucker for Disney. Growing up in South Africa, we would always see Disneyworld/land on t.v. and jealously wish that you could go too. Then you would remember that you lived in South Africa and aren’t anywhere close to Disney. Until I moved to San Francisco. I hopped around so many places in America before going to Disney so don’t tell me that I wasted my time. Disney was my guilty pleasure!

I feel like I can’t accurately give you tips for Disneyworld because I was spoiled. A friend from high school was working there at the time and offered to be our tour guide. He also had guest passes, so we didn’t really have to pay for the entrance fee on the days that he could come with us.

Day 1: Ayako and I get off the cruise ship (I can sense the judgement bouncing off you, tsk tsk). We were a little loopy, a little tired but mostly excited. We met Trevor outside of Epcot. I didn’t really know much about Epcot, but it ended up being one of my favourite parks. I would describe it as the “adult park”. IMG_8824.jpg

You can go around the world in an hour, but I recommend that you spend much more than an hour in the park. We spent hours wandering around, looking at all the countries. IMG_8830.jpgIMG_8834.jpg



The detail in the park was INCREDIBLE. There aren’t too many rides. We did go throught the Epcot sphere (Spaceship Earth). We also went on the Nemo ride and the Gran Fiesta (Mexico) ride. As the sun went down, we ate dinner in Morocco. Disneyworld has the greatest theme park food. I expected it to be terrible, but it was delicious. In all the research I had read prior to the trip, everyone had said how you shouldn’t eat at Disney to save money. Honestly, I had no regrets about any of the money I had spent on food. For dessert, I had the yummiest macaron filled with lime creme. IMG_8862.jpg

To end off a lovely (albeit tiring) day, we watched the Illumination fireworks. My photographs were terrible and didn’t do it justice. I wont make you suffer through those! Go to Epcot. It’s really cool!



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