Destination Disneyworld – Part 2: Animal Kingdom


Tree of Life


After a good night’s rest and a blueberry bagel, we headed to meet Trevor at our second stop (read about the first here): Animal Kingdom. The weather was humid, the children were screaming, but we were excited.

The first thing we did was go on the Safari. I’m from Africa. I’ve been on countless safaris. I can honestly say that the Disney safari was amazing! It looked so real. The animals are rescued and well taken care of. It would obviously be better to go on a real, authentic safari in Africa. However, for a theme park, they did a fantastic job. I would suggest either doing the safari first thing in the morning or getting a FastPass for it. The lines were insane. We jumped the queue. IMG_8906.jpgIMG_8900.jpg

Next we went through Asia and I mentally prepared to ride Expedition Everest. Here’s the thing about me and rollercoasters: I hate them until I’m riding them. The build-up to the ride is the worst! I stand in line fretting about the initial drop. I start feeling nauseated. Eventually I force myself to get on the ride and then I LOVE it. I scream and laugh and enjoy every second of the stupid ride. Expedition Everest gave me such a fright. My friends laughed at all my reactions, especially when the ride started going BACKWARDS! The decor leading up to the ride is beautiful. They have a story that leads up to the ride and everything looks like Everest Basecamp.


Animal Kingdom is such a large park, I would recommend dedicating at least a day here. We didn’t have the entire day, but we got through a solid chunk of it.

I suggest wearing shorts and comfortable walking sandals. Your feet may get wet and sandals dry more easily. Book a FastPass for The Festival of the Lion King. Do not leave without seeing this show.

In the late afternoon, we quickly popped over to Disney Springs. We were only in Florida for 3 days and we tried to cram everything into those days. We were exhausted, but happy that we saw as much as possible. Disney Springs was really cute. There were lots of little shops and food places. IMG_8953.jpg

We then headed to Magic Kingdom! We knew that we wouldn’t have time to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks on any other day so we wanted to give that a try. We rode Space Mountain once and by the time we came out, it was pouring with rain. Magic Kingdom has one of the worst draining systems that I have ever seen so the walkways were flooded. After 2 minutes, we were all soaked through and our spirits were sagging. We rode all the “indoor” rides that we could find. We watched the Monster’s Inc. Comedy Sketch. The fireworks show was under threat of cancellation due to the lightning so we waited in anticipation for the announcements.

As we walked grouchily through the happiest place on earth, we decided to eat dinner. Disney’s delicious food picked up our moods a little bit. We had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich which was so delicious that I went back for it again the following day. Eventually they announced that the fireworks were cancelled, so we waited to take the shuttle back to our hotel and prayed for better weather. IMG_8956.jpg




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