Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

One day, I picked up a Time Magazine special edition. It was about relationships-all relationships, not just romantic ones. Out of an entire magazine with the usual “Why your parents hate you” articles and “If he’s cheating, you should dump his (or her) dumb butt”, only one stuck out for me (okay, those weren’t the exact titles, but you get what I’m going for right?). The article was about dating in the modern world. About why our grandparents could meet and marry someone based on a seemingly irrelevant detail and why we now have access to everything we thought we wanted, but the divorce rate has skyrocketed. This article was well-thought out and researched while remaining incredibly funny. Statistics presented humorously? Yes, please. It turns out that the article was based on a book written by Aziz Ansari (the comedian) and a sociologist named Eric Klinenberg. Amy ended up choosing it for her “Written by a comedian” category, I copied her idea and we decided to make it one of our ‘read together’ books.

I cannot emphasise enough that this book is incredibly well-researched. It’s not just a book written by a comedian with made-up numbers and stats.

Each chapter in Modern Romance is about a different area of dating/marriage. He touches on online dating, dating in countries such as Tokyo and Buenos Aires, settling down, how married people are feeling, etc. Aziz presents chunks of information that would otherwise be difficult to get through in a funny and insightful manner. He personal opinions and observations add a quirkiness to each subject. For example, he consistently talks about his love of food. He states that sometimes his dinner research on Yelp is more detailed than the research that was put into his father’s arranged marriage. As someone who enjoys reading every review ever written about a place before eating there, I found this to be particularly amusing.

This book presented much food for thought. It invites conversation and gets you thinking. I am sure that you will enjoy reading about Alfredo and his unprecedented love for doughnuts. The actual text messages exchanged between potential daters will shock and amuse you. Whether you already have the person who makes you say crap like, “you are the lotion that moisturises my heart. Without you, my soul has eczema”  or if you’re single (solidarity, sister!), you will thoroughly enjoy this read!


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